Friday night I drove up to Southend after work to watch the most 80s gig ever with my parents – Go West, Nik Kershaw and T’Pau! It had been around 14 years since I was last at the Cliffs Pavilion to see Status Quo so I think it was about time I was there again! Pretty obvious that my music taste hasn’t exactly moved on from that time….



It was AWESOME! Go West and Nik Kershaw not only played their own songs, but played each other’s and covered a bunch of stuff together! Was ace to see something a little different in a show. And to finally see “We Close Our Eyes” live! Super happy!


More like that needed!


Books, Books and More Books!

On Saturday I managed to have an unplanned day revolved solely books and it was awesome! I’ve recently become a little obsessed with the library and it’s seemingly infinite amount of knowledge you can get for free. I know we can find all this stuff instantly online but there’s something special about being literally surrounded by words and information. Books are just that little bit more magical than reading Wikipedia. Curling up with your laptop isn’t quite the same!

I’ve been reserving a lot of books from the library too lately. I’m not sure how it works where you are, but in Kent you can search the libraries all around the county and if you want a book from another location, they’ll transfer it to your local library for free! A godsend if you are always after very specific books and your local never ever seems to be the one to stock them!

Our local library is this beaut. Just look at it!!


I headed into town early on Saturday to pick up my reservations. Looking forward to getting stuck into these:


Saturday night I visited the Folkestone Book Festival, an event I worked on for 3 years and haven’t been back to since! The discussion between Matt Haig and Nathan Filler we attended was based around both of their books focussing on various mental health issues. The conversation and Q&A was really interesting and open regarding their own experiences and discussed what we can all be doing to help. Because there is never enough we can all be doing to make each other’s lives that little bit better.


Reasons To Be Cheerful : Part 1

Creating a gratitude list is something I’ve tried to do over the years but it seems to be something that’s fallen by the wayside after a couple of days. As its the one thing that’s suggested time and again by those writers who discuss happiness, I think its something that needs a return! Here’s my 1st weekly Reasons To Be Cheerful:

Pecan Pie scented candles from Wax Lyrical

Stretching – my poor painful back loves it!

Long hot showers

Gala Darling’s Daily Gratiscope on Periscope

Being able to sit down without being in pain! (Trust me, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to!)

Berry and banana smoothies






Say cheese!

A huge part of the path to happiness is acceptance of yourself. To not dislike what you see in the mirror, to not dislike the person that you are. One thing I’ve always had a bit of an issue with is my smile. I don’t particularly like smiling in photos and I’ve been doing it less and less lately.

Not smiling in photos. Why would I do that? When I’m old and grey and looking back on what I’ve done in my life, I’ll just think I’ve lived a miserable existence! It’s not that bad!

So, have a picture of my big cheesy grin. From now on this smile is going to stay!



Life’s way too short

I had a post written and ready to go which will be heading up tomorrow now, but after the events in Paris last night it really hit home that being happy shouldn’t be way down the list of priorities. There are so many terrible things happening in the world every day and unfortunately life could be taken from us at any time. So we need to make sure we are living the happiest life possible. We need to face our fears, be bold, go after our dreams and ignore all the haters. Who cares what people think of you?! As long as you are being a good person and not harming others, then just be you. Do what makes you happy.

To the Tower!

This week I’ve taken some holiday and had myself a bit of a break from work and stress. It’s flown by and feel like it’s only been a weekend!

Although I’ve not managed to get quite as much stuff done as I would have liked, I slept lots which was definitely needed! For my last day off I headed into London for a massive tourist day.

I grew up on the edge of London and lived in Camden for a year and yet there are so many huge tourist spots that I’ve never been to. I think when you live in a certain place, the tourist areas are always something you can get to later. Something that’s never of any kind of urgency. So it gets put off. And then when you move away, you’ve missed out!

The main place I was aiming for on Friday was the Tower of London. How I’ve never been before I don’t know! Why did we never go there on a school trip? There was enough of them there the other day!TowerI realised on Friday that I really don’t know much about our world history. Or even our country’s history. I knew parts of the history and importance of the tower, but only really the parts regarding its use as a prison and the beheadings. I had no idea that it was the home of the Royal Mint and a menagerie, or that people actually live within the grounds! And who knew that the Kray twins were held there?! It’s opened up a lot of avenues of things I’d like to explore in more depth and it’s going to involve a lot of trips to the library!
HorsesI loved my little solo educational trip to the tower! It’s made me realise that we have so many incredible places in our little country that we need to investigate and appreciate. Yes, there is a big, old world out there, but there’s so much we can explore close to home. You just have to make the time and effort to do it.

A good start!

Day one of finding happiness has begun with getting myself a much needed haircut! I hate getting my hair cut. I’m an awkward kinda girl (so small talk is not my forte) and have absolutely no idea whatsoever about what suits me. I just know that my hair looks crap the majority of the time and it gets me down. So heading into a hairdressers with not much idea about what I want and not being able to talk to the person to fix that generally isn’t my favourite way to spend time.

But, I saw a different hairdresser today who made me feel way more comfortable and actually just did what she thought best. And it looks amazing! Super happy! Maybe I’ll actually go a little more often…

I was in such a good mood that I almost went to 1) get a manicure and 2) get my eyebrows threaded. Neither of which I’ve ever done before, but both I’ve always wanted to try. Bottled on both but theres always tomorrow!

I also popped into Paperchase while in town. I don’t know what it is about Paperchase that makes me so calm and almost hyperventilate at the same time. I kinda feel like if I could just own everything in there that my world would be the prettiest place there ever was! But obviously I don’t have anything like that amount of money, or the space nor need for all that stuff! Which is where the stress comes in. So conflicted!

While I was there I picked up a couple of Christmas decorations, because I’m being way too organised. How awesome is this one?! It was only £4! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on their website yet.
Xmas Decoration

And these ace postcards:
PostcardsWords I gotta live by! Just need to find the perfect place for each now

The Happiness Project

The past year or so I’ve found that my mood seems to have gotten progressively worse. I’m unhappy with myself, and most parts of my life. This is not a place I want to be in, and I’m sure the other half doesn’t enjoy me being miserable all of the time! So something needs doing, and this is my journey to becoming the person I want to be!