To the Tower!

This week I’ve taken some holiday and had myself a bit of a break from work and stress. It’s flown by and feel like it’s only been a weekend!

Although I’ve not managed to get quite as much stuff done as I would have liked, I slept lots which was definitely needed! For my last day off I headed into London for a massive tourist day.

I grew up on the edge of London and lived in Camden for a year and yet there are so many huge tourist spots that I’ve never been to. I think when you live in a certain place, the tourist areas are always something you can get to later. Something that’s never of any kind of urgency. So it gets put off. And then when you move away, you’ve missed out!

The main place I was aiming for on Friday was the Tower of London. How I’ve never been before I don’t know! Why did we never go there on a school trip? There was enough of them there the other day!TowerI realised on Friday that I really don’t know much about our world history. Or even our country’s history. I knew parts of the history and importance of the tower, but only really the parts regarding its use as a prison and the beheadings. I had no idea that it was the home of the Royal Mint and a menagerie, or that people actually live within the grounds! And who knew that the Kray twins were held there?! It’s opened up a lot of avenues of things I’d like to explore in more depth and it’s going to involve a lot of trips to the library!
HorsesI loved my little solo educational trip to the tower! It’s made me realise that we have so many incredible places in our little country that we need to investigate and appreciate. Yes, there is a big, old world out there, but there’s so much we can explore close to home. You just have to make the time and effort to do it.


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