It’s the most wonderful time of the year

imageThis past weekend I went to Disneyland Paris with the boy’s family. A place I hadn’t visited since a school trip back in Year 8. Yes, we went there on a school trip! I promise I didn’t go to a fancy school….

Early Friday morning we headed over to Ashford station to meet up with the family and jump on the Eurostar that takes you straight to the park. Why we haven’t been taking more advantage of the fact we live 20 minutes away from a train that takes you into Paris in 2 hours I don’t know!

imageWe had an amazing weekend being complete kids dancing round Disney, eating gigantic Mickey shaped marshmallows and staying in a pirate themed hotel that had a dragon in its foyer. Doing our 30s right!



Seeing as though an annual pass ended up costing only €20 more than the 3 day park pass we had to get for the weekend, it made sense to get ourselves a year’s worth of Disney! And with the 20% off in the shops we now get, I reckon we got more than our monies worth out of that extra €20! Just got to figure out how we can 1) afford and 2) find the time to head over a few more times in the next year. SO MUCH DISNEY!


So many incredible lights



I was very much enjoying patterns this weekend! image



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