Changes are afoot!

So the blogging has taken a bit of a back seat these last few weeks what with all the crazy changes that seem to be happening in our lives. It’s kind of hard to keep on top of everything!

And another big change is about to happen! I’ve been offered a new job. A job that’s a 30 minute walk from my house and right in town. Although I’m gutted to be leaving my current job, the 3 hours a day spent in the car is starting to take its toll on me. I’m in pain pretty much constantly and I don’t get moving nearly enough! Hopefully this will change that. I’ve got big plans for what I’m going to be doing with my new spare time! Taking way more steps to get me out of my comfort zone…. Only 4 weeks til it all kicks off


Yoga beginnings


One of the things I really wanted to do in my 2016 was take up yoga again. I used to do it occasionally at the local sports centre but timings were never great and it became a very occasional event. Although I enjoyed the classes I always felt the environment wasn’t great due to the noise coming from outside the room. It started to be something I just wasn’t that fussed about getting out of the house for.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve got a bunch of problems with my back at the moment, so the top of my list of self care priorities for this year is getting to a pain free state. I thought I might give yoga a shot again to see whether I could help.

After a couple of months of searching for a class that was 1) close enough and 2) at a time I could actually make I finally found a session on a Sunday morning in a village hall in a tiny place on the outskirts of Canterbury. I went to my first session this morning. The hall was freezing this time of year but everyone was super welcoming and the 75 minute class seemed to fly by. I struggled to do a bunch of the movements due to my current lack of mobility in my back, but it felt good to be working on getting myself better. I’ve tried so many videos at home to get moving but nothing really compares to having an actual teacher and the structure of going to another place to do your session.


This definitely isn’t me! One day…

Fingers crossed it will help sort me out and get me back to my usual self! And next time I definitely need to wear more clothes!!!


A Good Start! *

2016 has already been pretty damn challenging considering we’re only 12 days in! On the first day back at work the other half was told he was being made redundant. When we got home that night the heating had broken. Then the next day the TV broke!

After the huge amounts of panic set in regarding how on earth we’re going to pay our mortgage (I don’t earn a huge amount!), and then the anger and upset of the situation happening, I’ve spent the majority of the last week aiming more towards determination. Determination that this isn’t going to be a problem for long and that we’re not going to starve!

I spent pretty much all day Saturday sat in front of the computer going through all our bank account and credit card statements figuring out exactly what can be reduced and how. Using a combination of Quidco and Uswitch I managed to change our gas and electricity suppliers to save around Ā£30 a month, plus getting Ā£28 cash back. I cancelled our Sky and started digging out things to sell on eBay. The rest of the week has been continual searching for online freebies and tips to reduce all other costs. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WIN DAMMIT!!!

Amazingly enough, my thoughts have been on money problems for the last week and blogging has kinda taken the back seat! Thankfully we’ve got super handy family members who managed to come and fix our heating over the weekend and the other half figured out how to get the tele working again.

Slowly, slowly working through the issues! Normal service will resume shortly…..



*Massive amounts of sarcasm!