A Good Start! *

2016 has already been pretty damn challenging considering we’re only 12 days in! On the first day back at work the other half was told he was being made redundant. When we got home that night the heating had broken. Then the next day the TV broke!

After the huge amounts of panic set in regarding how on earth we’re going to pay our mortgage (I don’t earn a huge amount!), and then the anger and upset of the situation happening, I’ve spent the majority of the last week aiming more towards determination. Determination that this isn’t going to be a problem for long and that we’re not going to starve!

I spent pretty much all day Saturday sat in front of the computer going through all our bank account and credit card statements figuring out exactly what can be reduced and how. Using a combination of Quidco and Uswitch I managed to change our gas and electricity suppliers to save around £30 a month, plus getting £28 cash back. I cancelled our Sky and started digging out things to sell on eBay. The rest of the week has been continual searching for online freebies and tips to reduce all other costs. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WIN DAMMIT!!!

Amazingly enough, my thoughts have been on money problems for the last week and blogging has kinda taken the back seat! Thankfully we’ve got super handy family members who managed to come and fix our heating over the weekend and the other half figured out how to get the tele working again.

Slowly, slowly working through the issues! Normal service will resume shortly…..



*Massive amounts of sarcasm!




One thought on “A Good Start! *

  1. Doesn’t sound like the greatest start to the year but the way you have stayed positive and determined also shows how yours years going to go! Hopefully everything gets sorted for you soon – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Aimee X aimeeandlucas.com

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