London Tourist Times

One thing I’ve been trying to do more is to be more of a tourist. Whenever I go into London I find that I am heading straight to a gig (more than likely) and then straight out again. I don’t spend much time actually exploring and visiting the places our American friends always ask about. They seem to have a much better knowledge of our country than we do! I had a large chunk of last week off so made time for a London touristy day.

The British Museum was the sort of place you always went to on a school trip, but I don’t think I ever headed there outside of school. So that was my main stop! It did seem like half the world had the same idea as me unfortunately: SO DAMN BUSY! But was awesome to go check out the Egyptian statues and mummies that have survived thousands of years. The concept that these things were produced by hand all those years ago is incredible. That way after you’ve gone the things you produce will live on and have an impact on this world (we could say this about the plastic we use but that is a post for another day!) and people will be studying them years down the line. I wonder if I’ll be leaving something for future generations to enjoy? Something to work on definitely!

I did find it slightly creepy however that so many people were taking selfies with Cleopatra’s mummy. After all, that’s still a dead body lying right there…one that appears to be quite intact after all this time!

The library card is definitely going to be hammered in the next few months – so many things I want to learn about!

Where to next?




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