Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part 4

I am now finished work for the year which is a massive RTBC in itself! It’s the giant countdown to Christmas now and I’m way less organised than I think I’ve ever been with regards to presents. I’m hoping I won’t be wandering round town on Christmas Eve desperately trying to finish my presents! This week’s awesome stuff is:

  • No long commute for 2 weeks!
  • Disneyland Paris for 2 days tomorrow!
  • My awesome new tattoo (which will be in another post)
  • Catching up with loads of old friends
  • Good news from my physio (the end is in sight!)
  • Christmas markets with amazing bargains
  • Harmontown
  • Getting over my cold by lying in bed spending hours on Pinterest. The obsession is growing….

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part 3

I kinda think December’s Reasons To Be Cheerful are going to be stupidly easy! There’s so much awesome stuff taking place. So much so that I don’t have the time to keep up with blogging about it all. What a terrible, terrible problem I have…..! Hopefully I’ll get to catch up a little about the great things I’ve been getting up to soon, but until then I shall just let you know the things that have been making me all smiley!

  • Christmas parties with my wonderful roller derby team that go on until 6am!
  • Chocolate cupcakes and bowling at Brooklyn Bowl
  • Early nights to recover from late nights
  • Freddo Faces!
  • Red lipstick
  • Imminent tattoo times
  • Christmas shopping in my PJs wrapped up on the sofa
  • Gingerbread rum
  • Laughing with new friends until the early hours
  • My back feeling so close to being fixed
  • Chip shop chips
  • Getting organised for 2016
  • Brightly coloured gym vests

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part 2!

It’s December! Which means Christmas is coming up so bloody fast. And 2015 is almost over. Crazy! I know it’s such an old person thing to say but I just don’t know where the times gone! Yeah, I know, I’m in my 30s, I’m allowed to be a grown up and say crap like that. On that note….things I’ve been loving this week (which aren’t remotely grown up):

  • Putting my black Christmas tree up and covering it with glittery skulls!
  • Discovering a load of seriously reduced Halloween themed biscuits in Tesco
  • Christmas craft fairs and discovering some incredible local talent
  • Amazon wish lists. It’s almost like shopping, right?
  • Youtube haul videos. I think this might also be me shopping vicariously through others!
  • Buying the most hideous gold dress I can find for my team’s Christmas party. It’s tradition and only gets worse each year!

Reasons To Be Cheerful : Part 1

Creating a gratitude list is something I’ve tried to do over the years but it seems to be something that’s fallen by the wayside after a couple of days. As its the one thing that’s suggested time and again by those writers who discuss happiness, I think its something that needs a return! Here’s my 1st weekly Reasons To Be Cheerful:

Pecan Pie scented candles from Wax Lyrical

Stretching – my poor painful back loves it!

Long hot showers

Gala Darling’s Daily Gratiscope on Periscope

Being able to sit down without being in pain! (Trust me, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to!)

Berry and banana smoothies